Coach Ed Temple, Wilma Rudolph, and the TSU women’s track team go for gold at the 1960 Olympics, fighting Jim Crow racism and the US Olympic committee. (with David Maraniss)
One of the most inspiring stories of triumph in 20th century sports:  the 1960 Rome Olympics domination by the Tigerbelles, Tennessee State’s all-black women’s track team with Wilma Rudolph, coached by Ed Temple.  In a country torn by the Civil Rights movement, no one in the Jim Crow South thought this team would amount to much. But when the Tigerbelles success was broadcast from the 1st televised Summer Olympics, it revolutionized America’s view of  both women and African Americans. Tigerbelles will revisit this amazing story through never-before-seen archival footage of the team in action and on the road. The improbable accomplishments of Temple’s team were the culmination of an unlikely  story of triumphant perseverance against all odds. Produced by Pulitzer Prize-winner and best-selling author David Maraniss, Academy Award-nominated documentarian Oren Jacoby, and Emmy award-winner Spencer Wilking, the feature length documentary, Tigerbelles, will be made for theatrical, television, home entertainment and educational release.