The Beatles Revolution
The definitive TV documentary on The Beatles and their impact on America, their generation, and the world; a two hour prime time special.

A primetime special celebrating The Beatles and the mark they left on their generation. The film was made with the cooperation of The Beatles themselves who supplied rare, previously unseen footage from their Apple archives, as well as complete access to all of their recorded music and films. The documentary traces the great rock and roll band’s influences on everything from movies and politics to hairstyles, art, and fashion. It shows how the group set precedents for stadium concerts, music videos, and the conception of popular music as an art form. But music is the bottom line. As Robin Williams puts it in the film, the Beatles’ music is part of our “genetic material”.

– Premiered on ABC Documentary Specials

“Last night I had the pleasure of watching the final version for the first time. The cumulative effect…brought forth a new level of understanding…Nothing more needs to be said about the Beatles and I hope and suspect that your hard work and creative excellence has produced a piece of work that will be referred to for a long time to come. Thanks a lot. Love and Peace.” – George Harrison. (letter 4/15/01)

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