Sister Rose’s Passion
The story of Sister Rose Thering, a nun who made the battle against anti-Semitism her life’s work. Sister Rose challenged official church doctrine that blamed Jews for the death of Jesus.

An appreciation of the life work of Sister Rose Theiring, and a look at the thorny issue of anti-Semitism fostered by the teachings of the Catholic church. Rose was a young nun in the Dominican order, raised in rural Wisconsin in the era of virulent anti-Semite, Father Coughlin.  But she was determined to stop the Catholic Church from teaching hate, and prove that the doctrine blaming Jews for the death of Jesus was irreconcilable with her notion of a God of love.  Rose’s efforts paved the way for the historic Vatican II Council and the papal encyclical that reformed the Church’s teachings about Jews.

– TriBeCa Film Festival
– Vancouver Jewish Film Festival

– Oscar Nominee
Best Documentary Short

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