Master Thief: Art of the Heist

A documentary investigating the deal to ransom  $300 million worth of paintings stolen from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Seven years after the crime, this film tells the story behind the biggest art theft in history. Tracing the intertwining careers of the master criminal and the private investigator who held the keys to the crime’s solution, it follows the steps they took to try and recover the artwork. Master Thief covers the events of the original break-in and theft, traces the career of Myles Connor Jr., and follows the trail that brought authorities to the brink of recovering the Gardner’s masterpieces. Guided by Connor and a compelling cast of characters from both sides of the law, the film revisits the scenes of his crimes for an unprecedented look at this hidden world, as well as a consideration of the ethical questions involved in making deals with criminals.

– Premiered on ABC Documentary Specials