Lafayette: The Lost Hero
The life and legend of the intriguing and controversial figure, whose quest to bring democracy to the world played a central role in the establishment of the United States.

Lafayette: The Lost Hero is an historical detective story. No one in recorded history has suffered a fate quite like Lafayette. Once, he was the most famous man in the world; today, few people know who he was or what he accomplished. Ever since he died, there has been conflict over the true meaning of his accomplishments. It is time to re-evaluate his crucial role in the establishment of America’s democracy.

Who was the Marquis de Lafayette? How and why did he come to America? This film revisits the life and legend of this intriguing, neglected, and controversial figure, who left France at the age of 19 and fought courageously for the independence of the United States. Along the way, we discover the story of Lafayette’s fascinating wife, Adrienne De Noailles, and the arranged marriage that became a great romance and a profound partnership in revolution. Lafayette: The Lost Hero also explores the ideals of the Enlightenment that Lafayette stood for – ideals that played out in the compelling narrative of his life and became a foundation for America’s core values of equality and freedom. The film searches for the truth about this elusive personality and why he matters today.