Idols of the Game – Love and Money
How does money affect the games and the players we love to watch? This two hour doc is a sharp look at the intersection of sports and commerce.
“A savvy documentary”
– The Chicago Tribune

A two-hour documentary special examining the influence of money on the careers of some of America’s greatest sports legends, featuring rare archival footage and extraordinary access to contemporary stars. The film weaves together four stories: Shoeless Joe Jackson to Jim Bouton – the enslavement of baseball players under the reserve clause; Knute Rockne and Lou Holtz – marketing Notre Dame and college athletics; Roone Arledge and Mary Lou Retton — selling the Olympics; and the sneaker wars with Charles Barkely and Michael Jordan (featuring a cinema verité look at Jordan’s brief escape from the NBA to play minor league baseball).

– Premiered on TBS and CNN

“Chronicling how athletes define and are defined by their times… views of athletes that offer rare insight. Hopefully the documentarians’ reservoir of energy is not exhausted. Intelligent works… are needed to uplift and inform. ” – The New York Times

“‘Idols of the Game’ offers a desperately needed dose of perspective.” – The New York Times

“A savvy documentary” – The Chicago Tribune

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